The Susan Komen Foundation gives nearly $1 million for breast cancer vaccine research

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Susan G. Komen is supporting the breast cancer vaccine research of a University Hospitals oncologist with nearly $1 million in grant money.
Dr. Joseph Baar said he hopes to begin enrolling patients in a Phase 1 clinical trial for a vaccine to prevent breast cancer recurrence by early January. The trial, which also will be available at the Cleveland Clinic, is still undergoing the regulatory approval process.
Over the summer, Baar, director of breast cancer research and the Breast Cancer Survivor Program at UH Case Medical Center, received news of the four-year, $996,900 grant to Case Western Reserve University. Baar is developing a trial to study the vaccine in women who have had metastatic, or advanced, breast cancer. He is collaborating with immunologist Walter Storkus of the University of Pittsburgh.
The vaccine strengthens the body’s T-cells, killer immune cells instrumental in helping fight off disease. These cells target the environment in which cancer cells thrive, such as blood vessels that help fuel the growth of cancerous tumors. The T-cells cut off the blood supply to those tumors, rather than to the cancer cells themselves.

University Hospitals Cleveland, Ohio

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