Positive Hope, a film that follows the testing of a new HIV vaccine

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POSITIVE HOPE is a film that follows, at the Conception Hospital in Marseille, the tests on humans of a new form of vaccine aimed to neutralize the AIDS pandemic and eventually to eradicate this disease from the planet. 
The elaboration of a preventive and curative vaccine against AIDS from a protein called TAT, is developed by a dozen research teams in the world and is considered one of the most serious tracks today. 
Among all these various researches, that of Dr. Erwann Loret, in Marseille, is the most advanced. Toxicity tests were successful and since the beginning of April 2013, a first cohort of 48 patients received the first injections of a vaccine.

In 18 months, the results of this test will be made public. This film will be a great and powerful bearer of hope for the millions of people infected and affected by AIDS in the world. We have the exclusive right of filming all the clinical tests, in collaboration with the scientific team; and an exceptional access to the testimony of some of the first patients to receive this vaccine. After their first injections and before the first results, we will film and accompany them in their daily lives.

We do not know the results yet, the first two injections having been made on April 8th 2013. Sensationalism will be deliberately excluded.


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