Before vaccines

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A horror movie could not be more dramatic: Polio, a mysterious disease seeks out children and terrorises them and their parents each summer. They no longer go to pools or movie theaters for fear they might contract the potentially fatal condition that often cripples its victims, leaving many in a dreaded iron lung.

A beloved, polio-afflicted U.S. President inspires the public to send in their dimes to fund research – some of which would go to an ambitious, 33 year old scientist who, working from a basement lab, would go on to change the course of medical history…

The Shot Felt ‘Round The World talks to world-renowned experts and those affected by the disease to tell the story of Dr. Jonas Salk who, together with a community and a nation, conquered Polio, the most-feared disease of the 20th century.

Originally produced by Steeltown Entertainment located in Salk’s home of Pittsburgh, this production has now been reworked by the renowned U.S. Smithsonian Networks. A recognition of the fact that science and world-changing heroism, are often the same thing.

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