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The current method for administering vaccinations, the syringe/needle (S/N) system, poses many logistical difficulties including transport, vaccine deterioration/waste, and high system costs. Created by Gijsbert van de Wijdeven, the Bioneedle Technology Group aims to replace the S/N method with an easier, less wasteful, more cost-effective system.

Recognized by WHO as a breakthrough medical technology, Bioneedles, or “tiny, biodegradable mini-implants,” come prefilled and contain vaccines in a thermally stable environment.  They are administered via sub-dermal application and quickly absorbed into the body within minutes.  This virtually painless process leaves almost no waste and allows one person to vaccinate over 16x more people per hour than by the S/N method.

Although this project is only in the Ideation stage, the technology has the possibility to grant vaccine access to more people than ever before and increase the global population’s immunity to infectious diseases.


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