HUG ME! I’m vaccinated

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Hug me, I'm vaccinated


And you’re not contagious! You’re vaccinated!

Getting vaccinated not only protects you, but it protects the community around you through “herd immunity.” Each unvaccinated person in the world puts themselves and their community at risk of disease, and those unable to receive vaccines (like tiny babies) rely on every person around them, their herd, to protect them by getting vaccinated.

If you can’t get a disease, you can’t spread it!

Contrary to unpopular belief, vaccines don’t cause autism. They don’t cause diseases or disorders or distress or dystonia. In fact, except for rare cases, receiving a vaccine is completely safe. The greatest risk a person faces when getting vaccinated is an allergic reaction.

The shot you receive saves more lives than your own!

The thought of vaccination can be frightening. But here are some of the things that are undeniably NOT caused by vaccines:
Autism, mercury poisoning, dystonia, Jenny McCarthyism, cancer, hepatitis, HIV, multiple sclerosis, loss of ability to fly, epilepsy, never ever being able to cheerlead again, SIDS, growing old as time goes on, dogs chasing cats, gaining the ability to cheerlead, poor vision, impotence, diabetes, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or a dislike of being hugged…

…so hug me! I’m vaccinated


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