VACFA: an Africa free of vaccine preventable diseases

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The Vaccines for Africa Initiative (VACFA) was founded in 2009 by Professor Gregory Hussey, the Director of the Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine at the University of Cape Town. It is a partnership of concerned individuals and organisations who have come together with the expressed purpose of increasing awareness of and promoting uptake of vaccines on the African continent.  VACFA will provide a forum for the exchange of accurate, up-to-date and fully researched information on vaccines and immunisation practices relevant to Africa for health professionals, policymakers, programme managers, parents, and the general public.


The mission of VACFA is to increase awareness of the benefits of vaccines and to promote the uptake of established and newly available vaccines in Africa as well as make a significant contribution to capacity building, product development, and research on vaccines in Africa.


The website of VACFA ( is designed to be an interactive forum to encourage debate and information exchange between the public, scientific community, and health care professionals. The website aims to be a strategic resource to share information about current vaccines, vaccine research, and vaccine initiatives. The website will be accessible to both the public and scientific community and be a portal for information about vaccines and vaccine research and development.

VACFA, Vaccines for Africa

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