Speak Up! 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium available online

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Speak Up! 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium was held on May 5 and attended by health communicators, educators and clinicians featured internationally renowned speakers, advocates, coalition members and communicators.

This Virtual Immunization Symposium demonstrated the effective use of new media strategies to amplify the voice of your organization, convey the importance of your message and motivate others to Speak Up! for immunizations and public health.

The recording of Speak Up! 2011 Virtual Immunization Symposium is now available at VICNetwork.org.You can watch or share individual sessions featuring communication specialists, coalition leaders, active mommy bloggers and social media experts who present effective communication strategies that can support you and your organization’s efforts to promote and advocate for immunization and public health.

Total duration of this virtual symposium is 55 minutes. Upload can take up to 5 minutes.

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