Evaluating Dengue vaccines

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A vaccine for dengue fever may be available in 4 years, and experts have identified key issues needing to be addressed for regulatory review and licensure of such a vaccine.

Investigators from the Dengue Vaccine Initiative Consortium hosted by the International Vaccine Institute, Seoul, carried out the study in collaboration with the World Health Organization and institutions from the United States.

The investigators emphasize that a vaccine effective against all 4 dengue-causing viruses is the best approach for disease control. Clinical trials should be carried out in different countries and in populations in which the disease is endemic.

Dengue is prevalent in tropical countries, where it causes 34 million cases of disease, with 6% of cases developing into life-threatening forms. No drugs to treat infection are available and mosquito-control vectors have not been highly effective.

(Friedrich  M. The World in Medicine. Evaluating Dengue Vaccines. JAMA 2011; 305 (15): 1527.)

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