Anti-vaccine ad on a jumbotron in Times Square (New York City)

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Anti-vaccine groups are still working hard to spread their scientifically-unsupported message to the masses, this time via an ad on a jumbotron in Times Square, New York City. This ad has the potential to reach many tens of thousands of people between now and April 28 (it runs once an hour, every hour) when its time is up.

The short ad, which you can see at the end of this article, doesn’t explicitly advocate not getting children vaccinated, but makes it clear they think there’s a choice to be made, and directing people to the websites of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) and Mercola. Two websites which both have very clear anti-vaccine agendas. Mercola is the website of Dr. Joe Mercola, a noted anti-vaccine proponent. The NVIC, which sounds like a government agency, is in fact the exact opposite, having been described as the “most powerful anti-vaccine organization in America” by respected journalist Michael Specter.

Persistent misinformation and misconceptions about vaccination threaten the health of all members of our society, but especially children. For example, fears of an alleged link between the measles/mumps/rubella vaccine and autism, though the purported link has been soundly discredited, still persist, causing parents to opt out of the MMR vaccine.

We have seen the sad results with the current spread of measles in e.g. Europe.

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